Wind Turbines Tower Services


Corrosion protection and repairs on wind turbine towers

Tower flanges often are sealed with silicon. These seals perform their duty for only a short period. Water will begin to seep in and start the corrosion process on flanges and bolts. First evidence of flange corrosion are rusty stains running down from the flanges. The corrosion process inside the flanges should be prevented since corrosion will attack the tower bolts and in time will result in the bolts complete destruction.


Blade Rigg recommends an industry proven sealing system which has specifically been designed for the application on wind turbines. The sealing system has been adjusted to withstand the stress on tower and foundation and can be applied to tower flanges, tower-foundation flanges and concrete foundations

Wind Turbine Tower Maintenance

  • Tower flange corrosion inspections
  • Rust removal
  • Tower painting
  • Oil cleaning
  • Torque control of tower bolts
  • Safety inspection of internal ladder and fall arrest systems
  • Inspections of turbine tower surfaces – internal and external