Ronin ascender training

The Ronin Battery Power Ascender – Revolutionising The Rope Access Industry

The new player on the market is not only the fastest battery power Ascender at 38m/min but also boasts the longest battery life offering a staggering 305m continuous operation with a 91kg load (152m with 181kg load). With its smooth hot-swap battery you can change batteries mid-operation, a rope access technician’s dream. The Ronin has a self-lock mechanism removing all risk of user error. The manual release works exactly the same as a standard ID descender in industrial rope access so there is no need to remove the unit from the static rope and decent speed is controlled by release handle in the same manner as any rope access descender. With the multi speed operation you can ascend at your desired speed at the push of 1 speed controlling button.
Weighing only 9kg its 4kg lighter than its nearest competitor and makes handling & transportation an easy task. It doubles up as a winch for rigging, confined space access, caving, hauling or lifting equipment.
The focus is simple is better. The robust design has simple features & operations that does exactly what it is designed for & ensures longer lasting mechanisms than its competitors as well as strong cast anchor points. Entering at such a competitive price range that now businesses, sub-contractors & even general public can afford this superior machine. CE certified & IP rated the Ronin power ascender handles the toughest of environments. Blade Rigg supply Ronin approved static rope at affordable prices. Our focus is to bring superior quality products to the market at affordable & reasonable prices.