Composite rotor blade repairs

Lightning strike damages, open trailing edges, failure of leading edge protection are common damages on rotor blades as is corrosion and hydraulic oil pollution on wind turbine towers. Blade Rigg composite blade repair experts are working according to the latest repair standards.

Our mission is to complete as many blade repairs in situ as possible – years of experience of Blade Rigg technicians and engineers combined with the latest access technologies complement our added value.

Self-propelled platforms are an alternative access solution for more extensive blade repair operations. We are happy to provide and manage these in addition to our rope access solutions where required. More than that we undertake composite blade repairs on the ground, on site or at Blade Rigg workshops.

We undertake all other kinds of repairs on wind turbine towers and safety systems where rope access methods have proven their benefits as the most appropriate access method.

Composite Fibre Blade Repairs

  • Delamination repairs
  • Lead edge protection (Tape & Liquid application)
  • Lighting damage repairs
  • Warranty repairs
  • Installation of Vortex Generators & Gurney flaps
  • Root damages